American Supreme Law General Services

Account Set Up: Includes: Initial Phone calls to set up account and establish need, process Hold Harmless (Only Needed If No Passport Service Provided): $100


1. Foundational State Citizenship Class: State vs. Federal Citizenship; The Unknown Choice 7 Hour Class to determine Federal Income Tax Liability: $300

Private  Freedom “Counsel Assistance” (Special Counsel Crime):  $150 Hr.

2. ONLINE Passport Assistance Workshop Available to those who have taken the State Citizenship Class. Additional Process Charges may apply: $300

3. Personal Passport Application Assistance with counsel (does not include what the Post office and the Federal government charge) Includes Certified Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) (Ask about Group or Family Discounts) $1,500

4. Alignment Workshop to Correct State Records (This is to make sure the Driver’s License, Voting Registration and/or is congruent with Passport process.): $200

5. Personal Alignment Service to Correct State Records (This is to make sure the Driver’s License is congruent with Passport process.): $500

6. Private Travel Document (Includes 2 hours of Counsel). Can be used for International travel: $300

7. Private Identification Card as State Citizen: $300

8. IRS Paperwork/Counsel (Per year per letter produced): $80

9. Certificate of Foreign Status (W-8 and W-9) Includes files for multi-use and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED  stamp Clients Only: $100

10. Creation of a Foreign Contractual Trust Organization (Secure your business and/or property) Ask about Discounts: $2,500

11. Discharging Bank Debt (This would be Credit Card and/or other unsecured bank “loans”) it’s possible that this could be a free service paid completely by the banks plus additional benefits (ask me about this). If you’re not able to have the bank cover this, payment arrangements can be made for the 10% the Monthly payment may be 50% of the existing monthly CC payment. Follow up letters $75, $1000 or 10% of Credit line “debt” Whichever is greater.

12. Securing Property and/or Discharging Mortgage Debt – This detailed process  and requires a phone conversation to determine need. It requires: Banking, Forensic Research, Debt elimination, Securing of Land Grant or Land Patent for Allodial Title; The Possibility of Quiet Title Action; Entering documents into the Public Record; Securing Sovereignty a State Citizen; Creating a new relationship with governing authorities (State, County, City/Town) Transferring property from Residential to Private; Transferring Property from a United States Real Property Interest to Private in the State you live. This process requires Weekly Coaching paid monthly. Check Website video for Securing: Private property and Allodial Title

There are other services available feel free to request time to discuss your needs.

Please Note: It is very difficult to serve any U.S. (Federal) citizen, or U.S. resident alien. In order to secure our services, you must document yourself outside the Federal Zone or begin the sovereign process with a passport application. If someone is choosing to remove themselves from the Federal Zone, we can help.

We may be able to offer you a seasonal discount if you ask.