A Freedom Fellowship

Join us for a conversation about setting up a Freedom Fellowship in your local area. Join the conference call. This talk will be a support for you to develop your own Freedom Fellowship.

This will be a very specific call with details about changing local community for the better. It’s like building a business but more fun! Join us and expect great things.


Join our Online Biblical Research Study (Most) Thursday Nights

This will not be your typical bible study. We set a foundation to do a Weekly Bible study that will show you keys and principles to have the bible interpret itself.
You will learn how to do word studies in both Greek and Hebrew. 
You will learn how to use a proper Concordance, Interlinear and other research books as tools that will make the scriptures become Living and Real.
You will learn powerful ways God has protected his Word and you’ll discover how to find many errors and forgeries by comparing different Greek and Hebrew Texts; Showing you the Word of God is still Living, Real and Perfect.
Join us and make 2 Timothy 2:15 Come Alive!

            “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,

                                               rightly dividing the word of truth.”

We’ll use many different bibles, but we’ll use as a base, the King James Version. Bring one, if you have one.

Here is the Introductory Session: (Coming)


 If you want to take a Bible Foundational Class at no Cost, here they are so far. There will be 12 classes in all. Here is Session 1 “The Greatest Secret in the World Today”
Session 2: “The God Breathed Word”
Session 7: “Body – Soul – Sprit” (TBA)
Session 8: “Renewed Mind – Sonship Rights” (TBA)
Session 9: “The Giver and the Gift” (TBA)
Session 10: “The Score 5 to Nothing” (TBA)


Our first talk will be about establishing an excellent foundation to build upon. These will be a practical talks about the uses and differences you may see when dealing with every aspect of life in a Free Society.

My Local Fellow is below:

Having Trouble with your Government? Join us in Franklin, New Hampshire

Gaseden Flag


It’s Free and Open to Everyone AND Nothing to Join

If you are having trouble with your public servant or elected official, you might want to attend a local Freedom Fellowship.

We’ll discuss with us the implications and differences between State and Federal citizenship. Find out if this is Myth or Fact. Get more details about the upcoming State Citizenship Class. Come and join us in this discussion about securing your Liberty and Freedom without the federal government. Learn about the differences between a Right and a privilege. Get a better understanding of Sovereignty and register for the next class today.

For more information on Fellowships in LOCATIONS: Franklin or Hill, New Hampshire, Contact Christopher today if you plan to attend or want more information.

To talk to Christopher by phone E-mail and request that at:

E-mail: StateCitizen@DestinationFreedom.org


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