Alignment Workshop Course Overview 

This Workshop is ONLY for those who have done the Passport Process; either Full Service or the Passport Workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to assist our State Citizen, Passport Client in making sure they do not enter federal jurisdiction by way of the Driver’s License, Voter Registration and Jury Duty Questionnaire Application Process. This WORKSHOP will help you determine what the State; where you have your Habitation and Domicile has in Statute, for defining the term United States in their application process. This too, includes those who have applications for FAA, FCC and ATF etc. Many Application ask the question, “Are you a US (United States) citizen?” As a State Citizen and not a federal citizen you’ll want to have this communication in the record as evidence that you are NOT a U.S. 14th Amendment (Federal) citizen.

Included in the workshop we discuss the different states that we have had clients do this process in and how the State allowed or rejected our work. The Explanatory Statement template will establish the differences and corrections you are making if you had a Driver’s License before. This Explanatory Statement will be added to your Driver’s License application. We will take the time to discuss many of the details the State DMV allows and/or disallows in this process.

We have a template letter you can provide the DMV Director or State Attorneys to ask them for their definition of the term United States if you can’t find the term in the State Statutes.

After we show you how to complete your documents; we will explain how to deal with the DMV agents and how to respond to what they may or may not say or do during your visit to the DMV.

There are no additional costs, but if you need extra assistance dealing with the State in any way or if the process seems difficult for you, you can still have us help you with your documents. Even after the Workshop, you can add an additional $300 for us to do the whole Driver’s License Alignment process for you.

If you only need a response letter, we may be able to do it for $125 upon request.

In many situations, we do not suggest you provide the Social Security Number (SSN) on the application but if the State requires it then we have a response that will make sure you are not entering into any kind of adhesion contract or agreement or giving up any of your Rights. We address this in the Workshop in great detail. Cost: $350