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Our Next scheduled Call: Wednesday, September 6th

First Hour 7:00 PM (EST) TOPIC: State v. Federal Citizen and the Passport Process

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On the Call, we’ll talk about how the federal government accomplishes so much without being held to the US Constitution. We’ll talk about Federal Jurisdiction and how the federal citizen is Taxed and Regulated. 


Second Hour – The Art of Self-GovernmentWEDNESDAY, September 6th 8:00 PM (EST)

TOPIC: We’ll talk about a The Lifestyle of the State Citizen; Eliminating Debt and the Upcoming Debt Discharge Workshop

Find out how you can get the banks to pay for this service and maybe even your Passport Process as well.

Join us the Second Hour.

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Do you find yourself Actually Living FREE pursuing your Happiness or Hiding, Sneaking and Behaving as a RUN-WAY SLAVE?

“Someone hiding is not someone vital. Vitality requires original contribution. Hiding also does not save the conforming and conventional from disease, insanity, death and taxes. And hiding from others also means suppressing and hiding the potentialities of the unrealized self. And that’s the problem.” —– Jordan Peterson


If Liberty and Freedom are important to you, I hope you’ll find some information here to encourage you on your Journey.

I’m Thankful to have the opportunity to serve you and to help you attain your Freedom goals.

WE HAVE A 6-7 HOUR CLASS… Learn of the implications and differences between State and Federal citizenship.

Find out if this is Myth or Fact.

State vs. federal Citizenship; The Unknown Choice

This is a Foundational Freedom Class

Brought to you by AmericanSupremeLaw and Destination Freedom.org

The purpose of this class is to build a firm foundation for the protection of divine providence and to realize the responsibility for your own Liberty and Freedom. As a State Citizen you may have unknowingly compromised your Liberty by claiming U.S. “federal” citizenship.

This class will Cover such topics as:

Who is Christopher Gronski and what brought him to this journey of Liberty and Freedom?

The Foundations of Freedom and Discovering your Joy and your Purpose.

What are Rights and why are they important to protect.

LAWS are for the lawless; Understand the Problems with relying upon the LAW as a basis for Liberty and Freedom.

The best prevention of tyrannical government is Responsibility and Self-government. Learn about Integrity, Promise and Commitment and how they improve your Freedom and connect you to the Divine.

Learn how standards are eroded and how we came to lose our Liberties and Freedoms.

Understand where the States came from and the ONLY purpose of a Just government. The Foundation of the Declaration of Independence and the Relationship of the States.

What is the source of Authority in America and the World.

Realize the fall of the Christ led Church and the creation of the 501(c)(3) government church.

The Limits of the central government and the Rise of Corporations (Fascism) and the fall of Liberties.

The US Constitution, the Limits of the federal government and the power of the District of Columbia.

Learn about the American Nationalities and the State Citizen

Discover the citizen of the United States (District of Columbia) and how the 14th Amendment created new masters for the slaves.

Understand that there are 3 or more meanings of the United States and how this has empowered the federal government.

Learn about how federal law governs the US (federal) citizen and how the federal government has become out of control and will never go back to its Constitutional limitations.

See how the IRS (through the tax code; Title 26) defines its terms and who has an Income Tax Liability and why and you’ll see the federal income tax IS Constitutional but how?

Learn how you can deal with the IRS and stay out of federal jurisdiction.

Understand the Basis of obtaining a US Passport as a State Citizen and its implications.

Learn about the problems of the corporate “Strawman remedies” and how not to give away your power.

Learn about federal jurisdiction and how to stay out of it.

See the documents that support the Passport Process as a State Citizen and the evidence it creates.

Additional Topics:

The Social Security Administration – Adhesion Contract and/or Fraud?
State Driver’s Licenses and how to maintain State Citizenship


The purpose of this class is not to give you a civics lecture explaining your civic duties in America, but a foundation to realizing your Divine Nature and State Citizenship rather than federal and how you may have compromised it unknowingly.

This class is about JURISDICTION. You may not realize that Who You Are, Where You Live, Where You Work and What Kind of Work You Say You Do, either puts you under the Federal or State government’s jurisdiction or keeps you Free from their regulation and control. Find out why that is…

What value will I receive by participating in a class like this?

1. If you have a passion for actually being Free from Federal Jurisdiction and Regulation, then this information will be vital to your life. Find out Why.
2. In this class I will show you a real “MATRIX”. One that most people don’t realize exists and when I show it to you it will amaze you. You’ll know whether you’ll want to take the “RED PILL” and unplug from Federal Jurisdiction.
3. In the life of a Free American, did you know that being a U.S. citizen is NOT necessarily a good thing check this out… This class will show you how to stay out of the Fed’s Regulation and Control.
4. Did you know that you can obtain a United States of America passport without being a U.S. citizen or providing a Social Security Number on the Application? It’ll be on your Explanatory Statement. Find out how and why.
5. In this class, I’ll show you the “law” that unfortunately requires most Americans to file and pay Federal Income Taxes. Find out why and how you won’t have to.
6. Find out that the Citizenship you are claiming may have Benefits or real Consequences.
7. Did you know that an IRS prosecutor had Elaine Brown’s passport application in the courtroom and was asking her why, when traveling abroad, she WAS a U.S. citizen, but when it came to paying her taxes, she was NOT a U.S. citizen? I was there; I’ll explain why the IRS was asking her that question.
8. Did you know that what you state on your real estate transactions could put you into the “Federal Zone”… and require you to pay income taxes on the sale of your property? Learn out how and why, and what to do about it.

Take this 6+ hour class, today It’s only $385


Wednesday NIGHTS at 7:00 PM (EST) we will answer your questions about State Citizenship and our Passport Process.

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