The world is changing rapidly and old systems are falling apart
and new systems are needed, and are starting up.
Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are a big part of it.
REMEMBER WHEN WAS NEW ON THE BLOCK. Now they are taking Bitcoin and other Cryptos.
We’re NOT suggesting you buy Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies from PayPal I’m just suggesting Cryptocurrencies are taking the world by storm and are not going away. This is just mainstream getting on board.
The sooner you learn about them the more you can take advantage of them.
They will be the currency of the future. Are you up to the financial changes they bring?
Is your business benefiting and taking advantage of Cryptocurrencies yet?
 Join Christopher’s wife, Liesbeth van Lier and learn about this fun and exciting new way of increasing your profits and how to benefit from this changing Market.
Learn how you can create a pension or even become financially independent.
Maybe create an opportunity to leave that job, you’re not really happy with.
You are not too, late!!! Crypto’s are expected to pop any time now.
This is a ground floor opportunity with a new technology. Don’t miss out…
I hope you join the next “Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Basics” and get your questions answered.
See you then,
Listen to Liesbeth Invite you to her next class:

WHEN: (TBA) Request on Today.

TIME: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM (EST)

Where: Online

Cost: $300


Questions? Contact: Liesbeth van Lier – 603-273-7396

Source Transformation


Liesbeth is an expert in transformational healing and life enhancement. She integrates 30 years of study and exploration and practically applies it to her work and helps people remove anything that keeps them from realizing the life they dream of.

Liesbeth works holistically on all levels; to produce fast and lasting change in people’s lives.

With her gifts, talents and experience; Liesbeth has helped her clients find the source of an issue;  process, release and transform the issue permanently, as opposed to coping with it.

Many people say that working with Liesbeth is a life changing experience.

“It makes my heart sing to be doing this work. I know this is why I am here and what I am meant to do.” – Liesbeth