IRS W-8 & W-9 Workshop Overview

This is a workshop that helps you provide proper documents to a client or business that is paying you in some form. Usually they are asking you for a tax number or Social Security Number. This workshop will help you meet that need without filing out the wrong forms or provide a Social Security Number.

You should NOT use this form if you are Employed. If you are employed, you must become responsible for your own taxes and change the relationship you have with your client. No one will take a tax stand while being employed. Just don’t do it. Launch your business and quit your job. As Jim Rohn said, Profits are better than wages:

The Workshop uses IRS forms W-8 and the W-9. We have provided you with templates in both WORD and PDF.

The PDF template form allows you to see how the single sheet form should look and you should make sure it is exactly as it looks. The WORD document template allows you to edit the form with your proper address (No PO Boxes) and requester’s information (W-9)

If you have any questions reach out to us by using the “Contact Us” Form on the website.

If you would like us to do this work for you, that’s available as well. Cost: $225