Passport Workshop Overview

This WORKSHOP is to assist you in filling out the DS-11 passport application as a State Citizen. We will provide templates for the additional Explanatory Statement. Cost: $425

In order to do this Workshop, you must have a Hold Harmless Agreement with us.

We have provided templates for those who have NEVER had a passport and those who have or had a passport and will be returning it and for those who have Naturalized in one of the several States of the union.

The purpose of this workshop is to assist you in properly filling out your Passport Application (DS-11) as a State Citizen and not a federal citizen. The Explanatory Statement templates will establish the differences and corrections you are making if you had a US passport before. An Explanatory Statement will be added to your passport application. We will take the time to discuss many of the details the US State Department allows and disallows in this process.

After we show you how to complete your documents; we will show you how to deal with the acceptance agents and how to respond to what the State Department if and when they deny passport for any reason.

The ONLY additional costs could be if you want or need assistance with this process in any way. That additional cost can be:

DS-11’s with Explanatory Statements & REVIEW: $325

Each State Department Response Letter: $275

Let us know if you need help after you submit your application.

Since the Fall of 2016, the US State Department will not issue a Passport without providing a Social Security Number. (SSN)

We do not provide the Social Security Numbers (SSN) on the (DS-11) application. We do provide the SSN with the Explanatory Statement. If the State Department denies the passport application for not providing the SSN we have a response for that and will make sure you are not entering into any kind of contract or agreement or giving up any of your Rights. We will address this in the Workshop in great detail.

After you obtain your Passport Book and Card you can do your own (FOIA) request OR your can have us do your FOIA Request for you: $250

If after taking this Workshop you feel it’s too much for you, you may apply for the Full Passport Assistance and the Class and Workshop fees can be applied towards the balance of the of that service. The Full Passport Service is $1,800. Let us know.