State Citizenship Class Overview

This Class will Cover such Topics as:

Who is Christopher Gronski and what brought him to this journey of Liberty and Freedom?

The Foundations of Freedom. Discover your Joy and your Purpose

What are Rights and why are they important to protect.

LAWS are for the lawless; Understand the Problems with relying upon the LAW as a basis for Liberty and Freedom.

The best prevention of tyrannical government is Responsibility and Self-government. Learn about Integrity, Promise and Commitment and how they improve your Freedom and connect you to the Divine.

Learn how standards are eroded and how we came to lose our Liberties and Freedoms.

Understand where the States came from and the ONLY purpose of a Just government. The Foundation of the Declaration of Independence and the Relationship of the States.

What is the source of Authority in America and the World.

Realize the fall of the Christ led Church and the creation of the 501c3 government church.

The Limits of the central government and the Rise of Corporations (Fascism) and the fall of Liberties.

The US Constitution, the Limits of the federal government and the power of the District of Columbia.

Learn about the American Nationalities and the State Citizen

Discover the citizen of the United States (District of Columbia) and how the 14th Amendment created new masters for the slaves.

Understand that there are 3 or more meanings of the United States and how this has empowered the federal government.

Learn about how federal law governs the US (federal) citizen and how the federal government has become out of control and will never go back to its Constitutional limitations.

See how the IRS (through the tax code; Title 26) defines its terms and who has an Income Tax Liability and why.

Learn how you can deal with the IRS and stay out of federal jurisdiction.

Understand the Basis of obtaining a US Passport as a State Citizen and its implications.

Learn about the problems of the corporate “Strawman remedies” and how not to give away your power.

Learn about federal jurisdiction and how to stay out of it.

See the documents that support the Passport Process as a State Citizen and the evidence it creates.

Additional Topics:

The Social Security Administration – Adhesion Contract and/or Fraud?
State Driver’s Licenses and how to maintain State Citizenship